Planting Fall Bulbs

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You know that glimmer of hope that you see every spring when a small green shoot emerges from a snow drift? And pretty soon you see some colour among all the white? It’s a sure sign that lets you know the snow will soon be melting, the trees will soon be budding, and warmer temperatures on are their way. That …


What’s Bugging You?

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There is nothing worse than trying to sit outside on a beautiful summer’s eve to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having when all you hear is that buzzing noise of a mosquito in your ear. How frustrating is that? There a number of options available to help fight off these insects that just have a knack of ruining a …


150? I Canada Beleaf It!

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In honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday, why not get down to the root of our province’s landscape with plants that are native to Ontario. Here are a few of our favourite varieties: Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) Full sun Provides amazing Fall colour Matures to 60’-90’ and sometimes larger Tulip Tree (Liriodendron Tulipifera) Full sun Matures to 190’ Produces seeds that …


How to Care for Fresh Flowers

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The question everyone always asks is how do I make my flowers last LONGER!? Our floral designers here at Bradford Greenhouses are sharing some of our tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your beautiful blooms! Follow these easy steps to extend the life of your fresh bouquet… Step 1 Flowers should never be out of …


Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

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There is nothing better than the taste of fresh vegetables grown in your own garden. Don’t be intimidated by the endless choice of herbs and vegetables available in the market. A few simple steps will ensure the success of your garden. Not All Vegetables Like the Same Temperature Cool Season Vegetables Anxious to start your garden in the early spring? …


Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

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Recently we’ve all become aware of the steady decline of the bee population. In order to make sure these creatures are able to thrive, consider making a bee-friendly garden! Even what may seem like a small contribution — just a flower pot or garden patch — can provide a valuable pollinator habitat.

Peace Lillies

Plants That’ll Clear the Air!

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It’s a sad reality that the air quality in our homes is not as good as we think it is. Many chemicals are released into our homes from our furniture, carpets, pets, paints and varnishes. It is however possible to clean the air with the help of some naturally air filtering plants. NASA researchers have proven that 1 plant for …