How to Care for Fresh Flowers

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

The question everyone always asks is how do I make my flowers last LONGER!? Our floral designers here at Bradford Greenhouses are sharing some of our tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your beautiful blooms!

Follow these easy steps to extend the life of your fresh bouquet…

Step 1

Flowers should never be out of water for more than a few minutes! If you have errands to run or they will not see water for anything more than half an hour, ask your local florist to water pack the flowers! This is going to give them a better edge to a longer life!

step 1-sq

Step 2

Once you have your flowers to their destination, getting them into a vase of water as soon as possible is key. You want to start with a fresh, CLEAN vase. Bacteria can grow in the tiniest of places! Wash your vase thoroughly with a bit of dish soap, or even a drop of bleach, this will give your flowers a fresh start to their journey. Once new water has been added into the vase, add about ¼ of the package of flower food, you do not need the whole pack! (Note: If you do not have flower food just water is fine, do not add in sugar or any other substances as these can speed up bacteria growth).

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Step 3

Time to get creative! If your flowers have not been prearranged you have a bit of “work” ahead of you, but very therapeutic work we promise!

The flowers should first get a fresh cut on each stem, half an inch to an inch in length. The trim should be made with clippers or a knife to ensure the stem is not closed shut. We want optimum capillary action!

Step 3 (1)-sq

Next, we want to remove any foliage that will be below the water line in the vase. If there are greens floating in our water it will turn murky faster and our little friends will not want to drink it!

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Step 3 (3)-sq

Step 3 (4)-sq

Step 4

You are now ready to design! You are the creator, create your beautiful floral masterpiece, step back and check out your skills!

Within the next few days as you are admiring your arrangement, look closely. As petals and greens start to turn brown, simply pull the stems out or pick off the bits of decay off the flower itself. For example, the outer petals of a rose may look bad, but removing the outer gives room for the beautiful center to open and shine!

Step 4-sq

Once the water starts to turn shade or you see pieces floating around (usually within 2-3 days) start at step 1 again and repeat the process! It only takes a few minutes and makes a big impact on the flower’s life span! Lots of these little beauties have travelled from across the world to grace our rooms with colour, let’s give them the longest life possible!