Pond Problems? Don’t be a Grumpy Guppy, we got you covered!

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Mother Nature has thrown us for quite a loop this spring with the temperature constantly going up and down, but we are confident that spring has finally now sprung! Water Gardening season is here again and with it, a lot of problems for most gardeners. Don’t fret, these issues are easy to resolve and the Pond Guy is here to help! Do you have Green water right now? Of course you have green water, who doesn’t? Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. Confused? Don’t be, I’ll help you through it step by step!

Give your pond a little TLC with the following steps…
  • Put in some Cold Water Bacteria to help restart the ecosystem that died off over this COLD winter! Introducing barley pellets will also help to release enzymes that will compete with algae blooms starting already.
  • Clean up as much accumulated debris in your pond as possible with a cleaner as well as a skimmer net.
  • Introduce plants into the water garden to help provide oxygen and slowly start to feed your fish with a cold water food. This will help to get their metabolism moving again from the dormant winter months.
  • Also, consider installing a pressurized filter or UV Sterilizer to keep your water “Green Free” all season long!

Remember, don’t get discouraged! Much like our gardens, things are starting a little slower than normal this year, but with some TLC and expert advice, we will get your water garden back into shape so you can enjoy your outdoor paradise, for what will hopefully be a nice long and hot summer!

If you ever need advice, please email me at ponds@bghl.ca and make sure to sign up for our water gardening e-blasts starting in June for great offers and discounts!

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