Wedding Planning getting a little prickly? That’s a good thing!

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One of our favourite trends in wedding design this year is the use of succulents. This trend is #1 on KLF’s list and ours too!

There are over 150 species of the leafy-succulent genus, Echeveria. These can add an interesting texture and depth to a bouquet or table arrangement that your guests will not expect! Available all year round, these suckers are always ready to make their debut. With a vast catalogue of different shapes and textures, you are able to use succulents as your neutral for multiple looks, check out some of our fav’s below:

If you need assistance thinking outside the box for your special day, whether it is near or far, our expert floral designers would be happy to assist you! To book a free consultation please call us at (705) 725-9913 ext. 327 or e-mail

Happy Planning!

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