How-to create a Father’s Day planter for Dad!

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Follow these easy steps and you too can give Dad a unique and interesteing gift this Father’s Day. The best part is its low maintenance so Dad won’t have to worry about looking after it!

What you need:
  • Nice selection of easy to care for plants. Such as tropical’s, succulents, air plants or cactuses.
  • The corresponding soil for the plants chosen and stones for the bottom of the container.
  • A leak proof container that would best suit your Dad. Such as a basket, metal pot, miniature pickup truck or BBQ, glass or coloured ceramic dish.
  • Moss, stones, shells or small branches as accents.
  • Gloves, especially if you are working with cactuses!
Step 1:

Place stones in the bottom of your chosen container then add some soil (that corresponds with the plants you have picked out) on top of the stones. This is key, as it allows for proper drainage.

Step 2:

Place each of your plants in the soil making sure they are securely planted by adding extra soil around them and pressing down firmly. Once planted, give your plants a drink to start them off in their new home! 🙂

(Note: Air plants do not need soil so you could just rest them on top of coloured sand, stones or branches.)

Step 3:

Add any accents you would like to dress up the planter such as, moss, shells, coloured sand, etc.!

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