Veggie Container Gardening

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There is almost nothing more rewarding (and delicious!) than eating what you grow.

For novice gardeners and/or homeowners without a lot of space for a large vegetable garden, growing veggies in a container is a great way to still indulge your green thumb and eat what you sow.

Below we’ve listed some veggies that are easy to grow and will thrive in small space.

Dwarf Varieties of Carrots

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Can be successfully grown in window boxes. Below are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Grow from seed
  • Plant seeds 1” apart in rows that are 6” apart from each other
  • Place in a sunny spot
  • Keep the soil moist at all times
  • Expect seeds to start sprouting in approximately 2 weeks
  • Companion plant them with onions/leeks – they help each other grow!

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Specifically bush or determinate varieties (which are more compact) are great for containers.

  • Can be grown from seed or plant
  • Plant in a full sun location
  • Water regularly
  • Will mature with edible fruit in 60 days
  • Companion plant with basil and parsley at the base of the plant – they will help each other grow!

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Will grow in any containers that are at least 12” deep.

  • Grow from seed
  • Potatoes need plenty of sun (6-8 hours) and plenty of water. Be sure to keep soil moist at all time (but not soggy)
  • Planting them with marigolds around the perimeter of the plant will help keep bugs away.

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Will grow well in window boxes and containers, but be sure that you have drainage holes.

  • Can be grown from seed or plant
  • Lettuce prefer cooler temperatures, but sunny locations. It’s best to grow early in the season when the sun isn’t as hot.
  • They have shallow roots and require lots of water, without bogging down the soil

When planting anything in containers, make sure you choose a good potting soil and fertilizer for vegetables.

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