2015 Wedding Trends

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

Wedding season is coming up, and the trends continue to step it up a notch! Here are a few of the hottest wedding trends for 2015 that are sure to get brides excited!

Blooms of Choice

Garden Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Ranunculus and Babies Breath are all favourites among brides. They’re dramatic, romantic and versatile, so they look perfect whether you are planning an upscale traditional affair, or something more relaxed and rustic.

Don’t forget the Greenery!

Brides can’t get enough greenery! Dusty Miller, Succulents, Ivy, Maidenhair Fern, even herbs like Rosemary, Mint, Sage, and Lemon Leaf, are becoming a staple for modern Brides. No longer are bouquets perfectly round and even. Brides are opting for lush greenery and more free-spirited arrangements and bouquets. Whether these gorgeous greens be in bouquets, table runners, chair swags, or even used in more creative ways like framing Menus or hung from Chandeliers, greenery is a beautiful thing!

Center of Attention

Centerpieces are no longer confined to a small piece in the center of a table. Brides are loving full and lush floral table runners, tall dramatic, towering pieces, and even showcasing blooms from above in breathtaking, hanging floral chandeliers. Think outside of the box!


One of my favorite up and coming trends is Ombre! Not only are we seeing it in fashion and hair, but unsurprisingly, it has made its way to floral! When deciding on flowers for your wedding, consider various uses of floral ombres. A simple progression of colors in the same color family, most often from light to darker shades, giving and eye-catching watercolor feel. Showcase Ombres in a stunning centerpiece. Customize each bridesmaid bouquet with a gorgeous color fade. What better way to give your special day that added visual impact and “WOW” factor then with this stylish use of color?

2015 is sure to be a memorable year!