Creating a Bird & Butterfly Haven

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

Having a place in your backyard where birds and butterflies flock to can make for a very serene landscape. And creating this landscape is much easier than you think!

Keep 3 things in mind:

  1. Choose a sunny spot sheltered from winds. A large tree dense with leaves will not only shelter the winds but also provide a nesting area for birds.
  2. Provide water in a shallow dish or bird bath for the hot summer days.
  3. Include a mixture of plants that will bloom from spring until fall. Below is a list of plants that birds and butterflies love!
Plant Blooming Period
Butterfly Bush Summer
Heliotrope (annual) Spring – Fall
Joe Pye Weed Summer
Liatris Summer – Fall
Oriental Lilies Early Summer
Phlox Summer
Purple Cone Flowers Summer – Fall
Delphinium Summer
Lavender Summer – Fall
Sedum Late Summer – Fall
Black Eyed Susan Mid Summer – Fall
Yarrow Summer – Fall
Perennial Salvia Late Spring – Summer
Monarda Summer

Remember, butterflies are most active in a sunny location between 10am-3pm!