Fall Decorating

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Fall is here! And now is the time to start decorating your space with the beautiful colours and textures of autumn.

Some classic staples of fall decorating include pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales, wreaths, lanterns and corn stalks. We’ve come up with a few ways to turn these classics into something new and contemporary! Which one is your favourite?

Try filling a lantern with some colourful pie pumpkins and sit the lantern on the stems of a few fall everlasting flowers. This looks great both indoors and out!

DSC_0589 (Large)

Pumpkin Planter! Simply hollow out your pumpkin, line it with some plastic (a grocery bag or garbage bag will work), and drop in your mum. Lining it with plastic will allow you to water your mum without water getting into and rotting the plastic. Once your mum is in, put some moss around the top to hide the plastic and wrap it with a fall swag – the one we’ve chosen is a collection of fall leaves!

DSC_0585 (Large)

Reuse that obelisk! Even though your annuals have finished blooming for the season, don’t put away your obelisk just yet! Try filling them with different sizes and colours of pumpkins – if you wrap the bottom with a fall swag (we’ve chosen waterproof berries), it will bring lots of colour and charm to your front entrance!

DSC_0578 (Large)

Hay bales don’t have to be boring! Wrap your hay bales with a festive fall ribbon and add in some everlasting fall flowers… 2 easy steps to fall decorating!

DSC_0570 (Large)

Candles and lanterns are a staple of fall décor. You can quickly update these by adding some beautiful ribbon and a fall swag cascading down the side of the lantern! (Quick tip – by pairing the swag with the matching wreath, your look becomes complete!)

DSC_0562 (Large)

Update your planters! Want to go a different route other than traditional with your planters this year? This this super easy update! Line the perimeter of your planter with an everlasting fall swag or wreath (or both!) Once that’s complete, simply place your pumpkin or grapevine orb in the centre, and you’re complete!

DSC_0532 (Large)

DSC_0552 (Large)

Pumpkin Arrangements! Take your fall centerpieces to the next level by having them in a pumpkin instead of a vase! Call our flowershop today to order yours ☺ 705-725-9913 x327


Pumpkin arrangement