Interior Design & Décor 101 for 2016

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Tired of certain rooms in your home that just aren’t jumping out at you anymore? Want to make some changes but don’t know where to start? Here are some key points when starting a new design project to take into consideration to help the process along!

Where do you start to get your Inspiration?

You already have many existing pieces in your home that can inspire you. Whether it be a piece of art, an area rug, colours from your garden you overlook or existing furniture and fabrics. These all can give you the starting point so you know which colours, textures and patterns you may pull out for the theme of your room.

Pillows & Wall Art

What is your Style?

A great way to figure out your style and what you like is going out and picking up some magazines. Tag what you like in the magazines or start files with your cut outs. Search out Pinterest or Houzz and create files for each space that you want updating: Living, Dining, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Accessories etc. By narrowing down what you like or don’t like, you will be creating your own personal style.

Planning your Space

Start by taking a look at your existing space. Determine what you like, and don’t like about your space. What do you think needs to change? What aspects of your room do you want to emphasize? Is it all about comfort and room function? Or are you wanting to focus on the décor and use of fabrics and colours? Take the time and write a Wish List for your space. Creating a wish list is a great way to plan out what you want for the room, it also makes it easier to plan out the budget that you would like to work with for each piece.


What is your Focal Point?

Select a focal point, whether it is a fireplace, the spectacular view, a piece of art, an area rug or the television. This gives you a good starting point on how to arrange your furniture.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many people would you like to be able to sit?
  • What is the function of the Room? Are you going to be dining in the space, entertaining, reading, playing games, watching TV, etc.
  • What existing pieces of furniture will you be working with? Make a list and measure your pieces ready to plan on a piece of graph paper. Will you be adding any pieces or changing any pieces?

Butterfly Sofa Set

What Colours do you like?

Have you ever thought that your wardrobe colours are the colours you are comfortable with? Well that’s a great place to start with your home decorating.

Yellow Flowers & Candles

Consider working with our Design Team for your space. We can help you confirm your ideas and guide you in the right direction without making costly mistakes.