6 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

1) Garden Bulbs


Tulips, hyacinths & daffodils are in abundance this time of year. Why not give that special someone a blooming bulb that will last for weeks to come… with a bit of fragrance!

2) Themed Scarf


Hearts, kisses and lips… oh my! Here’s a gift that is not only easy on the budget, but has endless possibilities in the way that it can be worn.

3) Fresh Roses


Instead of red roses why not try rainbow roses? An assortment of varieties, bi-colors and tones set you apart from the norm. With this kind of variation, your roses are sure to last longer than a few days!

4) Everlasting Bouquet


Sometimes flowers can be a little gloomy when they begin to fade, so why not give her a bouquet that will last as long as your love will! Everlasting flowers can be a great way to add some colour all year round.

5) Word Art


If your special someone is not into flowers and chocolates, why not get her something that she can look at and read every day to remind her of your love for her?

6) Terrarium


Maybe she is a desert kind of girl, or maybe she enjoys having a bit of tropical in her life. If this is her, why not give her a romantic terrarium? Use her favourite colours and plants to make it something special just for her!