Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

With spring just around the corner we thought we’d take to opportunity to celebrate everything green, so we picked some of our favourite green things from around our store. From tropical plants to fashion items, we have an array of items that compliment this holiday as well as the upcoming spring season.

Foxtail, Boston and Rabbit’s Foot Fern


Ferns come in many shapes and sizes. Their intricate fronds can lend a lush texture both inside and outside the home. Why not get a few different kinds for contrasting textures? The look great planted separately as specimens or in a group planting or terrarium.



Need an easy to take care of houseplant? The Sansevieria, snake plant, or “mother-in-law’s tongue” is a great addition to just about any indoor space. In addition to its ease of care; it comes in many shades and patterns of green.

Spring Bulbs


Spring flowering bulbs also come in many shades of green before they flower; from the more glaucous daffodils and tulips to the more vibrantly green hyacinth leaves.



We couldn’t forget to mention shamrocks, or Oxalis on Saint Patrick’s Day. This attractive little plant comes in either green or burgundy leaves and makes for a great houseplant. Keep the soil slightly moist throughout periods of active growth and give it bright, indirect light.



Departing from the strictly botanical; we also have a large selection of decorative pots for your plants. We will have the perfect colour to best compliment your houseplant of choice.



We also have many fashion items that would be especially appropriate for the holiday, as well as filling holes in your spring wardrobe. Look as fresh as a spring flower bed in some of our fantastic green fashion.

Fairy Garden


Why not do something whimsical this Saint Patrick’s day? Fairy gardens are a fun spring project and we carry many different plants and accessories so that you can build a perfect little paradise.



The immature flowers of this white hydrangea are a lovely pale green.

These are just a few of our favourite green things, we have much more in store. Come on down and visit us at either of our locations and get your green on!