Forcing Spring Bulbs

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

We’ve all done it – bought bulbs in the fall, to be planted in the fall, and… we forgot. But what to do with them now? You can’t plant them in the ground as the soil is frozen, but all is not lost. All they’ll need to flower this spring is a cold period.

Begin by planting your bulbs in a container with drainage holes. Use a light soilless mix for best results. They can be planted close together. Generally in a 6″ pot you will be able to plant 6 tulips, 6 daffodils, 3 hyacinths or 15 crocus. Water thoroughly and keep soil slightly moist. The bulbs can then be placed in the refrigerator for 12-13 weeks. The pots can be covered with cellophane with a few breathing holes. After 12 weeks, the pots can be taken out of the refrigerator and placed in a sunny cold location. Once the shoots have emerged, the bulbs can be moved to a warmer room in the house. To keep your plants blooming longer, move the pots into a cold room for the night once the flowers have opened.