Monthly Landscape Design Tips

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Welcome to our new monthly Landscape Design blog! Each month we will inform, educate and (hopefully) entertain you with musings of the month, special events and information – all in an effort to make your landscaping plans accessible, possible, a reality!

A great landscape always begins with a great design. The investment in a qualified design (not the ones drawn on fast food napkins during your ‘free estimate’!) ensures you and your family have considered everything, from the smallest element to the largest, from the budget to the long-term value and return on investment, and from the installation to the maintenance. We discuss space, function, style, family, needs, dreams, must-have elements, water, lighting, styling, dining, stone, sound, geometry, architecture and aesthetics and put it all together in plan that will excite, entice, and be admired by all. Whew! There’s nothing worse than installing something and finding out later you should have put it “over there”! Quality, creative Landscape Designs eliminate regret.

Leading the design department is our own award-winning Industry Certified Landscape Designer, Audriana. For more information on her and all of our design services, click here.

The savvy among you have already begun calling us for appointments when the weather breaks! And no wonder… every day is one day closer to Spring! Till then, keep warm and start jotting down your must-haves for the landscape of your life. Send inquiries to