No Fail Orchids

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

Believe it or not, orchids are pretty easy to look after! The common mistake people make is fussing over them too much. Moth orchid or Phalaenopsis orchids are the most common and easy to look after. Here are a few easy tips to keep your orchids healthy…


Place your orchid in a bright indirect light. They do not like direct sun. Too much light will result rigid bleached out leaves. Not enough light will cause the leaves to be long dark green leaves. Healthy leaves should be medium and firm.


Moth orchids are epiphyte and naturally grow on trees. For convenience, we grow these orchids in both. It is important to give the orchid a thorough watering and allow it to slightly dry out between watering. Never allow the orchid to completely dry out. Rain and well water are the most suitable for healthy growth. You will need to adjust your watering schedule depending on growing medium used, light conditions and temperature. Misting them on a regular basis will help keep the humidity levels higher. The also like a good air circulation so avoid hot stuffy rooms.


Orchids will benefit from regular fertilizer application. Orchid fertilizers are readily available on the market. Follow instructions on the package for optimal results.