March Landscape Design Tips

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Summer Lovin’ (Had me a Blast!)

Here comes Summer! Don’t wait till then to begin planning your outdoor-scape. Dream now and start measuring when there’s little snow left. Then you can allot locations for your desired elements, considering must-haves, love-to-haves and transitions between them. There’s so much out there.

Once you’ve got your list, earmark sizes for the spaces. “My patio is too big,” said no one ever! While creating dining/entertaining/leisure spaces outdoors, more people err in making them too small. Further, the material you choose for the corresponding floor is important, and longtime value should weigh heavily in the decision (but not on the Earth). Why not make this the year you give back to the environment, and scrap your plan to pour a concrete (stamped or not) patio? Instead, with little chance of precarious run-off, gorgeous and porous alternatives abound.

When you are ready – or overwhelmed – give us a call to discuss the best options for you. We’d be happy to help with our consultation or design service. Click here for more information about design department and our own award-winning Industry Certified Landscape Designer, Audriana. Or contact her directly at!