Landscape Design: Winter 2018/2019

Bradford Greenhouses Blog

There’s a saying that goes, “To plant a garden is to have hope in the future.” That saying is especially relevant this year, as we were covered in snow fairly early! Whether you really enjoy winter, or prefer to stay inside bundled up, thinking about your Spring garden is one way to hold out hope for the warmer months.

Designing your outdoor space during the Winter is another way to be prepared come Spring. It is exciting to know that when the snow melts, all your hard work will be revealed and ready to enjoy. However, if you did not lay plans in the Fall, you can still come out ahead this Spring! Planning for future outdoor enjoyment is a great way to avoid the Winter blues.

Why not fully enjoy your outdoor space and avoid the stress of planning by letting us assist you? Here at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery our incredible Landscape Design team would be happy to help you with every step of your Spring planning! Even though you might not be able to see your garden under all this snow, one of our skilled experts can still help bring your outdoor vision to life.

We would like to thank all our 2018 Landscape Design Clients for working with us this year! Together, we created spaces to relax, dine, entertain, and play, in the great outdoors. We planted hope for the future and can’t wait for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

When you are ready, give us a call to discuss the best options for you. We’d be happy to help with our consultation and/or design service.

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