Landscape Design: Spring 2019

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De-cluttering Outdoors

The craft of de-cluttering your home is recognized as an activity that increases healing energy for you and your family. But let’s not forget the outdoors! De-cluttering is proven to rejuvenate, motivate and reduce anxiety. It is very important for you and everyone who enters that your exterior space is balanced, free-flowing and aesthetically pleasing. It is sometimes difficult to make decisions about reducing what you have, especially when it comes to plant removal. After all, you may have tended to it for many years, or just grown used to it. But ask yourself, “Does this plant still looks its best, or is it past its prime?” (Shrubs are not like trees; they do NOT live for decades! Most are at their prime at 5-7 years of age); “Am I keeping this plant maintained, and am I willing to continue to?” And most of all: Is this me?

If you are constantly pruning, stepping over, ducking under, or sidestepping garden plants, it may be time to take a second look at your design. Does it really reflect who you are, what you love, and what you have time for?

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