Tropicals & Potted Plants


Creating a tropical environment in your home or office is easy at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery. If you are looking to add an exotic touch to your space, we have something for everyone. Find what is right for you, choosing from tropicals requiring lots of light to those who thrive in low light. Add a punch of colour or unique texture to your home with a variety of peace lilies, orchids, and cacti. Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery prides itself in carrying a great selection of tropicals at a great price. We carry many unique and hard to find varieties, with shipments of new plants arriving weekly from across the globe. For more detailed information (as well as images) on a variety of tropical plants please click here. In-store selection may vary based on season and availability.

To browse a database of all the tropical and potted plants that we carry (including product size, and light requirements) please click here.