Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

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There is nothing better than the taste of fresh vegetables grown in your own garden. Don’t be intimidated by the endless choice of herbs and vegetables available in the market. A few simple steps will ensure the success of your garden. Not All Vegetables Like the Same Temperature Cool Season Vegetables Anxious to start your garden in the early spring? …

Veggie Container Gardening

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There is almost nothing more rewarding (and delicious!) than eating what you grow. For novice gardeners and/or homeowners without a lot of space for a large vegetable garden, growing veggies in a container is a great way to still indulge your green thumb and eat what you sow. Below we’ve listed some veggies that are easy to grow and will …

Top 5 Preserving Recipes for Ontario Fruits & Veggies in July

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On those cold winter days when you need a little pep in your step, what better way than to pull out some summer sunshine in a jar! There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are currently in season in Ontario and this is one of the best times to start preserving.