Landscape Design Tips for Small Spaces

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In working with a small area, you want to avoid wasting any space. The first step is to Start with a Plan. Ask yourself what the function of the space will be and what size of an area each space needs to be. Will you be using your space for entertaining, including a dining area, bar area, or lounge area …

Drought Tolerant Plants

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To grow healthy plants, water is the first requirement. However if you live in a dry area or have a cottage where you won’t be there frequently to water, you want to pick plants that can tolerate drought. When planting your garden you should group plant material with similar water requirements together, based on the water available. Knowing what plants …

Vines for Privacy

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It’s often said that ‘Good fences make good neighbours’, but but wouldn’t it be great if fences looked a little more attractive? There’s nothing more beautiful and enchanting than being in a backyard that has a living wall. If you’re looking for a way to add some privacy and some colour to your fencing, growing vines is a fantastic option.

Veggie Container Gardening

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There is almost nothing more rewarding (and delicious!) than eating what you grow. For novice gardeners and/or homeowners without a lot of space for a large vegetable garden, growing veggies in a container is a great way to still indulge your green thumb and eat what you sow. Below we’ve listed some veggies that are easy to grow and will …